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Zippitty's Moderator Application

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1Zippitty's Moderator Application Empty Zippitty's Moderator Application on Sat Jul 12, 2014 2:19 pm



Zippitty's Moderator Application Hen45hl
Username: Zippitty

How long have you been playing: I have been playing the server for almost a week now

What makes you stand out: Friendly Personality, Amount of time actually playing server per day, willingness to better the server, and attentiveness.

What have you done to help: Any chance that has been offered to me whether it be telling a player where they can find an item, or how many charms I would estimate for them to achieve 99 summoning, I have taken the time to give assistance. I always vote and I am constantly racking my brain for suggestions to improve the server as I play. I would like to help more but the opportunities just haven't been there seeing as though the server is so new.

Any past experience: I was an admin on one server and moderator on two others.

Special Skills: Helping new players is my forte, It's what I enjoy doing. A player who is personally greeted when they first enter a server is 10x more apt to stay and make another addition to the community. If a new player is aware that any question they have about the server is ready to be answered they will be less prone to frustration that may ultimately push them to stop playing. I also enjoy testing new features of servers and finding their bugs. A coder can run through a minigame that they designed without flaw because well... they made it. The real rest is to see if someone completely unaware of what the coder has created, can go through and complete the task without getting confused or glitched. My last special skill is that I have good reasoning and decision making skills, Most of the time I can come up with a solution to any problem I face. I tend to really contemplate my decisions before I make a final call, that way hopefully everyone is pleased with the outcome.


Additional info: I am not one to abuse power if it is offered to me. Other servers that I earned staff position on I worked my hardest to use my position only to better the community and server. I see a bright future for avatar with the right advertising and updates, and I'd love to be here to help.  Smile 

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Zippitty's Moderator Application DQqb2Qq
Nice application good luck with it !

Greetz ,

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Zippitty's Moderator Application 2MiRbbA
Thank you for your application, it has been taken to consideration.

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