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Zippitty's Introduction

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Zippitty's Introduction Hen45hl
Hey everyone! My name is Ethan and I'm 17 years old. I've haven't played a Runescape Private Server in a little while but I decided to jump back in recently, and so far I am really enjoying avatar and it's community. I play lots of other games on my PC aswell (COD Ghosts, Skyrim, Watchdogs, CSS, L4D2, Battefield 4, Etc) you could say that I'm an avid gamer lol. Other than gaming I enjoy going to the gym, visiting the beach, fishing, and riding my BMX bike. I live in Florida, USA. Not sure what else to put  Laughing 

Feel free to add me on the server, on skype (zippitty), or on steam (zippittyduda)

Thanks for reading and have a good one! Very Happy 

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Zippitty's Introduction JL80c7R
Hey man C:. I also came back to Runescape private servers pretty recently.
After playing a lot of league, World of warcraft, etc. I couldn't get back into them. But I forced myself too lol.
It worked, now I can't stop playing it. ._.
Glad to see you joined c: Maybe we can play something together sometime.


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