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Clue scroll guide by Juupajuu

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1Clue scroll guide by Juupajuu Empty Clue scroll guide by Juupajuu on Sun Jul 20, 2014 12:54 pm



Clue scroll guide by Juupajuu HJiYpvY
"In the city of moon, your row boat awaits" Tele to Lunar island from city teleports and
walk east to the row boat and dig there

"Your treasure awaits at the angry bandits bars bookself." Tele to Bandit camp using city teleport again and run west to the bar. Go behind the desk and dig.

"North of the ice and through the gate, next to the evergreen lies your fate" This clue leads to the wildy and ice plateau. Tele to mage bank and pull lever (remember that pulling that lever will tele you to wild.(And as we all know that is dangerous place) Slash the webs and run west all the way past the agility course till you get tot the snowy area. Find the gate and dig next to the closest evergreen

Clue scroll guide by Juupajuu Dccxa0

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