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Divine's suggestions

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Divine's suggestions HJiYpvY
So basically I also have a couple of suggestions I'd like to share with you guys.

1. The server message with the people's drops is just plain annoying. You should make it where when a good drop is dropped then a message should appear saying the drop. Other then that, people are getting caskets 24/7 and when the server grows the message will be so annoying so I think it should be removed unless a good drop is achieved.

2. Useless shops: There is a lot of useless shops at home, for example the herb shops, mining shop ( Only includes 3 pick axes, waste of  a shop ) and just random shops. Those shops should be taken out and there should be a vote shop and a skiller shop for sure.

3. Drop rate: I kind of believe the drop rate needs to be higher. I see all kinds of people getting dragon claws as a drop and pretty soon its going to be flood within the economy. It should be highered just a tad bit.

4. Xp rate: I'm not going too much into detail with this because it has already been suggested by 'The X' really nicely so I wont go into great detail but the xp rate for skills is just too fast. You can be maxed in about 3-4 days and then you wont have anything to do especially if you're a skiller ( Like me ). You will have jack to do on the server so with that being said the xp rate should be highered as well.

5. Highscores: A highscores added to the server forums/website would be really entertaining to see who is in 1st, 2nd, leader in herb xp, etc etc. I just think that would bring some competition to the server and it will be a great add.  

6. Loyalty points: I love the idea of the loyalty points but the thing is people can just afk while they sleep and get 1k loyalty points which = 50m. If that keeps happening people will be able to achieve max cash in a short period of time which will be a problem to the servers economy pretty soon.

7. Login message: Say the server reaches 30-50 people, can you imagine how much login messages will have to be said and it will just be annoying. It should be kept to only staff so people won't get too annoyed by all the login messages

As of now those are all my suggestions I most likely will add more if I think of any more haha, so just leave me your opinion about these. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

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