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Basic suggestions

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1Basic suggestions Empty Basic suggestions on Fri Jul 11, 2014 10:08 pm

The X

Basic suggestions DQqb2Qq
List of suggestions by "The X'

At first something about the xp rate
I think you can max out every skill in like 30 hours, I think that the non combat skills should be harder. Also there should be more ways to train a skill. And some skills needs the right level, like woodcutting you need 90 wc for magics and should be 75. I think the combat xp rate is fine, because its pretty fast and people want to pk and pvm fast and dont want hours to train first.

I think the xp rate should be X40, and with the vote bonus which I describe under, it should be X60.
Sharks rs xp: 210
Sharks avatar xp: 8400
Sharks avatar bonus xp: 12600

Still fast, but I think its a bit more a challenge than now.

Agility is way to easy, and only 1 course is not fun at all. So more courses will do, and make it much more harder.
- gnome (advance)
- barbarian (advance)
- wildy

I like the runecrafting skill with the locate teleport, but its so fast. 20 invs and you're 99 and you dont even need a full inventory to get the max xp. 1 ess in inventory will give you like 600k at body altar.. Also would like to see all altars available with the locate teleport. A idea to make runecrafting a skill to train is to delete nature death and blood runes from shop. So people have to runecraft for it and sell to people.

Thieving, farming and herblore:
Add a masterfarmer to pickpocket, where you can get seeds from to farm (with this I want to say that you should remove the farm shop that sells seeds. So seeds will get more worth (especially high seeds), they can be sold to people or general store for cash. But it makes farming more complicated. And also delete the herb shop, and just make a 2nd ingerdient shop. So people will have to farm them.
Rewrite the herblore skill with the right ingredients, cause its pretty messed up.. If you can add grennwalls for hunter, its good to have spikes not in store so hunter will be a money making skill when got high level hunt.
Fix the cage spot, you cant fish lobsters. Maybe add monkfish spot.
And add the living rock caverns, also for the mining skill.

I love the skill hunter to be honest.. If you guys can code the feldip hills with, just crimsons swift and tropical, grey and red chins and maybe grennwalls, I'd love that. Also keep the imps, maybe spread them over the whole map and add puro puro. Also a loot option on the jars would be nice, with just the rs rewards. Maybe add kingly imps too.

- jewelry just uncut into cut, but also option cutted gems into bolt tips, so you can make bolts with crafting (and fletching). So people can make ruby bolts (e), keep them out of shop so people gonna make them by them self and its getting a street price, because everyone wants it when it goes bossing.
- making clothes, make it the fastest way to train but no hides in shop but from dragons.

- fix duo slayer
- relekka slayer cave + tasks
- brimhave dungeon recode
- more different tasks
- more different masters

Should be hardest combat skill so you wont be 138 to fast. It is the slowest combat skill atm, but maybe slower the xp and increase the drop rate of charms..
Maybe add a custom dungeon with summoning monsters (monsters that drop many charms)

A lot has to change here, but at first some more floors.. A floor where you can go with other people, a solo floor and maybe a skilling floor for skillers, and maybe a small and large of all catogories..

will post a suggestion about this later.

I saw a lot of shops were at varrock, I think all the shops should be there and spread around. And the home just edgeville.
Make the shops not unlimited, but show how many there are in stock.
Things that should be deleted from shops:
- d chain (no reason to kill dust devils)
- d legs
- all herbs
- addy and rune bars from summ shop (smithing would be to easy)
- cooked sharks and rocktails (makes fishing a more needed skill to train and for skillers or other people a good way to make money)  
- seeds
- ranger boots
- rares shop, make them all boss drops if they arent already
- d hatchet (daggy boss drop)

Some things that should be added in shops:
- proselyte armor
- Skilling armor shop, maybe delete the ele armor from agil reward shop and put in here with gnome scarf.
- dwarf cannon
- more things added soon, ideas are welcome.

General store:
The general store prices are messed up, and you cant sell all items to it, and it should be. The only shop that should be in edgeville, with the 3 shops i will mention later (instead of avatar point shop)

Avatar point shop:
- I think this should be deleted, and split up in a Vote shop, Slayer shop and PK shop.

Vote shop:
A list of items that "could" be in it, other suggestions are always welcome:
- Colored Robin hood hats
- Colored infinity
- Ringmaster armor
- dragon and other masks
- more ideas mention in reply

Suggestion for a voting system:
There are 3 sites at the moment where you can vote on, for every vote on each site a player should get randomly cash from 0-5m, 1 crystal key and 20 mins bonus xp (so 1 hour in total if you vote on all 3), and ofcourse vote points (i'd say just 1 for each time). I think this will attract people to vote faster and on all sites so the server become more popular.

Slayer reward shop:
- Full slayer helmet (400 pnts)
- black mask (150 pnts)
- Colored whip system:  You need a normal whip than go to the slay master and trade it for a colored whip of your choice. You have to have like 300 points to trade it. This could be also done with robins and infinity, but at the moment I dont know other vote shop rewards.
- Slayer lamp for 250k xp (100 pnts)
- salve ammy e (400 pnts)
- resettask (5 pnts)

Pk shop
All pvp armor like vesta statius etc

Other things:

Clue scrolls:
I think you can only get easy clue rewards from clues at the moment, if im wrong sorry but i opened 40 clues and didnt got anything better than wizard g. Id say add hard clues, or just the rewards of hard clues to the clues for 3rd age.

Comp cape
I really want a comp cape in game with the needed requirments, like all skills but also some gathering stuff.
- Maybe add also a task system in the future.

Resource area wildy
Maybe a nice special thing to have, is a resource area in the level 54 wild. Its something not all servers got, it will make avatar more special.

Loyalty system
The loyalty system is shit now, people afk for 10 hours and can get 50m for free. I think there should be an auto logg off system or something that loggs people off if they are afk for 30 mins. Or just delete the loyalty shop..

The X

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Basic suggestions Hen45hl
Wink Good Suggestions

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Basic suggestions HJiYpvY
I 100% agree with all the suggestions, the skills ( Non-Combat ) def should be more harder IMO. As for your general store suggestion, there is a store at the hunter skill where you can sell anything to, the store just needs to be moved. Non the less really good suggestions I support

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Basic suggestions C8HXkng
I do not agree this is a private server therefore easier to level up your skills if you want a more realistic xp rate go back to runescape nubz.

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The X

Basic suggestions DQqb2Qq
I never said it should be so realistic as rs, just harder than it is now. I think X40 is a good xp rate for this server.
I played X20 servers and harder and got maxed easily, but maybe I think x40 is fine.
X40 will say, 40 * runescape xp:
cooking sharks gives 210 xp in rs, x40 will make 8400 xp on Avatar. And I think that still pretty fast.. (and its not even the best fish to cook)

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